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We are a Brisbane based engineering consultancy firm operating nationwide in the renewable energy sector. 


Our vision is to sustainably increase the productivity of our biosphere by helping you do the same.   


At AE4 Engineering, we provide customised solutions for our clients to reduce their environmental impact by providing comprehensive green energy solutions and strategies.

Our dedicated team oversee the design, installation and commissioning of all of our projects.

Our solutions empower our clients to take back control of their energy usage whilst also providing them with the means to track their power consumption via customised metering services.

All of the work we provide is RPEQ certified, this provides peace of mind to the client that their investment is of the highest standard and quality.

To find out more regarding the individual services we provide, please visit our Services Page.



Shon London

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Director & Principal Engineer

With over 20 years of design, commissioning, operation and maintenance of electrical and controls systems experience, Shon leads the team at AE4 Engineering. 

Shon holds a strong passion for understanding and effectively utalising the renewable energy options available to organisations today, in order to reach optimal business outcomes for clients.


Ryan Bell

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Electrical Engineer

Ryan is a dedicated and motivated Junior Engineer with expertise in Client Services, Project Commissioning, Switchboard Design, Solar PV Design, Power Generation, Feasibility Studies, and Techno-economic Analysis. With a keen eye for detail, Ryan excels in adhering to Standards Compliance and ensuring that all projects are executed with the utmost precision and safety. His specialisation in Solar PV and Power Engineering allows him to contribute to the development of cleaner and more efficient power systems.

With a focus on sustainable energy solutions, Ryan is committed to delivering innovative and efficient projects, engineering excellence and sustainable energy solutions making him a valuable asset to AE4. 


Sarah Allen

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Director's Assistant & Technical Administrator 

Sarah plays a pivotal role in the daily operations of AE4 as she provides invaluable support to the director by managing their daily tasks and scheduling, document handling, conducting administrative and accounts-related tasks, as well as providing assistance and support to all employees. Sarah's dedication extends to maintaining a high standard of customer service, optimising organisational efficiency throughout AE4, and promoting a well-organised work environment.

Her proofreading and attention to detail ensures that all technical documents meet stringent quality standards. Sarah's well-rounded skill set and dedication make her an asset to AE4's success and ongoing growth.


Elinor Zaguri-Gofer

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Project Manager

Elinor is a passionate and results-driven diverse professional who brings a special flare to project management within the renewable energy industry.

With a strong foundation in documentation, contract management, project planning and exceptional oral communication and negotiation abilities, Elinor plays a crucial role in building strong relationships and fostering collaboration with stakeholders and partners. Elinor's commitment to sustainability sets her apart as an invaluable contributor in driving forward successful initiatives within the field of renewable energy.

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Kate Mackenzie

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Culture & Administration

Alongside of Shon, Becky played a vital role in the establishment of AE4 in 2016, driven by their shared passion to combat climate change and recognising the imperative for pioneering renewable energy solutions in a challenging yet crucial industry.

Leveraging her background in human services, management, and leadership, Becky continues to work behind the scenes as she provides ongoing support to Shon and the AE4 team across a diverse spectrum of responsibilities. Becky's multifaceted skills contribute significantly to the organisation's success, ensuring its continued dedication to innovative solutions in the field of renewable energy.



Support & Climate Canine/Good Girl

In 2022, Cali, a Border Collie and Labrador mix, was adopted by AE4 Director

Shon. Cali is known for her hardworking and loyal nature, and she also knows how to relax, sleep well, and savor good meals. Being a rescue dog, Cali brings life experience, wisdom, and gratitude.

Cali is available to provide emotional support to the AE4 team and will soon become an official member of the therapy dog team at Empower Assistance Dogs.

Elinor (4).png

St. Paul's School

—  Jason Brandon

Facilities Manager

"Excellent service and high level of communication when testing our 650kW system by EnergyRich and AE4 teams.  Richmond and his team work professionally on site and Shon's technical knowledge and assistance is outstanding."



With over 20 years of Engineering experience, AE4 are able to customise financial strategies and renewable energy solutions that target your business goals.


We pride ourselves on our professional client-focused approach and our ability to identify the optimal solution for our clients each and every time.  


Our team are driven by innovation and passion to deliver professional engineering solutions.  We provide the means for positive change that optimises the benefits and costs for you.

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