St Pauls School 650kW

Design and certification of 650kW system for St Pauls School. Includes custom networking solution consolidating solar system across three arrays into a virtual power plant (VPP).

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Design certification for grid connection on the Energex Network. This includes a design certification report and a testing and commissioning certification report with detailed power quality measurements.

SNP 300kW installation

Integrated 300kW solar system on a high rise building without disruption to operations. Created a robust system integration while not affecting the redundant power supply systems of the site.

Design and certification of a 300kW solar PV system to offset the site consumption. Power quality assessment ensuring compliant operation.

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300kWp over three farming installations

Design and certification for three 100kW systems in remote QLD farming applications.


Design and certification of 300kW of solar PV to offset facility loading during daylight hours. Redesign of main switchboard and protection for the installation.

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Design and certification of 100kW of solar PV to offset facility loading during daylight hours.


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