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Shon London

Director and Principal Electrical Engineer


Professional Registrations

Chartered Professional Engineer - Institution of Engineers Australia (CPEng)

Registered Engineer on National Engineers

Register, Australia (NPER)

Registered Professional Engineer Queensland (RPEQ)



With over 20 years of design, commissioning, operation and maintenance of electrical and controls systems experience, Shon leads the team at AE4 Engineering.  Shon holds a strong passion for understanding and effectively utalising the renewable energy options available to organisations today, in order to reach optimal business outcomes for clients.


Shon personally specialises in finding value for his clients by solving complex problems and customising solutions. AE4 has successfully provided a large number of remote embedded engineering services and is also highly experienced in providing design and certification, with hundreds of renewable projects already completed. As well as this, Shon and the team at AE4 deliver leading automation solutions (such as SCADA integration and Virtual Power Plants) and have done so already, for a large number of applications.


AE4 Engineering is a family-owned business with strong ethical underpinnings, and sits upon on a reliable foundation of relevant, and informed, experience and knowledge. As the Director of AE4, Shon personally hosts a solid understanding and interest in upcoming and developing innovations within the renewable energy sector.


Due to all of the above, and when teamed up with the large number of successfully completed engineering projects already within its portfolio, AE4 is considered a valued source of information, service and advice on a local, national and international level.